A little about me and my creative practice

My art practice is based on the idea that art is nourishing. It is a response to the demands of our fast-paced, socially constructed lives that are often fuelled by hyper-individualism and the constant chase for profit. When we engage in and experience art, we open up and allow ourselves to be moved. Art and creativity pull us together in commonality and give us a sense that we have a wealth of resources to draw on beyond the pull of greed and profit. Reminding us that we can socially interconnect, transform, think creatively and find alternative futures. Art helps us not lose sight of hope, reminds us that we are not alone, and are much more than mere human capital.
My studies, drawings and paintings are an intimate connection between beauty and strength in nature. I work from observation, in my home studio, in various mediums. Often the subject matter is feminine and tender but captured with intense colour and bold marks. The Protea, a robust South African plant that thrives in Australia, is often central in my work. I was born in South Africa in 1973 and immigrated to Melbourne, Australia, in 2007. I studied commercial art and design in Cape Town, which led to a career in advertising in London. My career as a freelance illustrator started in Melbourne in 2008 when I chose to work for myself from home around my children. My illustration work has been published and produced in Australia and internationally. I have continually developed my painting and drawing practice through various art courses and exhibiting my work in Melbourne. I am grateful for being in my studio every day, in the continuous dialogue of art in our lives and why it matters.
I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Art at the University of Victoria. I am passionate about social equality and putting humanity back into commerce through platforms such as Etsy. A percentage of all profit from my online shop goes to Plan International, which strives for a just world for children and equality for girls. Find out more here: www.plan.org.au/. Find out more here: www.plan.org.au/<br />

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