A little about me and my creative practice

I paint things I love to look at, often flowers, as I am drawn to their vibrant colour, organic shapes, forms and lines. I mostly work from observation, in my home studio, in a variety of mediums. Often the subject matter is feminine and tender, which I capture with intense colour and bold marks. I apply paint in broad brush strokes, building texture and layers in my paintings. I was born in South Africa in 1973 and immigrated with my family to Melbourne, Australia, in 2007. I studied commercial art and design in Cape Town, which led to a career as an art director in advertising in London. I have travelled extensively in Europe and Asia. My career as a freelance illustrator started in Melbourne in 2008. My illustration work is published and produced in Australia and internationally. I feel grateful that I can be in my studio every day, continuously developing and evolving my creative practice.

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